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Also, shall has held up in court, must has not. Granted, must does sounds stronger, right? I mean, if your boss tells you that you “must” do something, well you are going to do it. But, when writing requirements, keep things simple and just use shall. shall = a person "has a duty to" (but see paragraph (a) (I) (C) below regarding the passive voice) must = a thing or person "is required to" meet a condition for a consequence to apply.

Must vs shall

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The word “must” is the clearest way to convey to your audience that they have to do something. “Shall” is one of those officious words that has encumbered legal style writing for many years. The message that “shall” sends to the audience is, “this is deadly material.” “Shall” is also obsolete. Often the terms are used interchangeably, especially shall and must, with no definition of what either means. The three terms I have seen used most often in requirement documents are “shall”, “will”, and “should’. The fact is that many international standards, including ISO, use the shall, will, should convention.

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May denotes an option. Must is not  Shall - Glossary | CSRC csrc.nist.gov/glossary/term/Shall Apr 13, 2021 Learn about what the terms “must, may, shall, or should” really mean when reading transport regulations.

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Apr 11, 2013 Difference Between Must and Shall Must and shall are words in English language that have similar meanings.

Must vs shall

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Both verbs differ in their forms and their meanings as well. Should vs Must.

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Ex. I must shower.

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