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I click on the column that I want to filter (I click on "A" in sheet 1). The whole column is selected. I click on advanced filter. I click the button to select the second column.

Excel filter not working

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Before applying filter on column C, either select the entire column C or the data that needs to be filtered. 2. Select Filter option under Data tab. Excel filter not working? If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

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What it means In Excel 2007 or later, you can filter by a cell color, font color, or icon set — these methods are not supported in Excel 97-2003. To avoid losing filter functionality, you may want to clear the filter before you save the workbook in an earlier Excel file format.

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For some reason recently the dates aren't filtering correctly. The cells are formatted as "Short Date" and the cell inputs appear to be correct. When I filter from newest to oldest, it sorts the entries in the following order. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet software that’s a part of the iconic Microsoft Office software. With Microsoft Excel, you can store and work with a large database.

Excel filter not working

However, there is 1 out of the 5 pivot tables that will not work properly. Basically, this table will not filter. My issue is, I'd like to filter some values for reporting purpose, when that specific filed was put in Row or Column labels, I can choose whatever value I want to filter. However, once it was moved to Value , it will show all values no matter what value I choose to filter. Looks to me it just doesn't work to filter. Data filters not working past row 400 (Excel 2010) Thread starter edwardaggie98; Start date Apr 2, 2014; Tags 2010 filter filter by value E. edwardaggie98 New Methods to Fix Excel Fill Handle Not Working Properly .
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There's nothing special about this row, as far as I can see.

Using "autoFilter: true" did not enable column filtering.
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2020-08-05 · Excel Filter function not working in M365 Hello, i have bought Microsoft Family 365 monthly subscription, because i needed =FILTER function, logged in, updated everything, and still THERE IS NO =FILTER() function, only =filterxml(). 2014-04-24 · For filters that are more complex, where you can’t do a simple filter to bring the rows together, you could insert a temporary column, and mark the rows, as shown in the screen shot below. Then, clear the filters, sort the temporary column, and copy and paste in the marked rows. 2018-08-16 · Re: Filtered data in Excel online are visible for all users. Sorry, but it seems that the filter, in particular, can be excluded from the collaboration restrictions as this idea suggests.

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To work around this issue, set the filter criteria to Show All on each worksheet in your workbook before you perform the search. To do this  I Excel, när du använder Filter funktion för att filtrera data, ändras inte filterresultatet automatiskt med Använd automatiskt automatiskt filter igen när data ändras med VBA-kod This does not work with filter based on list selection  Hej, jag är en licensierad användare av Kutools för Excel och jag använder den senaste versionen Replied by Excelfans on topic Super Filter Is not Working. example sentences containing "excel filter" – Swedish-English dictionary and including where appropriate the filter but not, in the case of tipped cigars, the tip, pumps so to facilitate maintenance and repair work while aiming at minimum  Hämta och upplev Microsoft Excel på din iPhone, iPad och iPod touch. tremendously with my line of work of quoting on the spot using the filter function.

Home  Objects that are filtered out using comparison set filtering are not exported.